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responded regarding restoration of these properties. then be approved by a separate ordinance. this ordinance would approve an appropriation in 4 million dollars to be used for the purposes of coin settlement payments. the [inaudible] would exercise oversight of the settlement process through periodic reports through the [inaudible] committee. the city attorney's
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office will prepare confidential [inaudible] on the proposed ordinance that will provide further analysis of the city's [inaudible] the response to date and the anticipated claims adjustment prospects for the effective properties so hopefully when this comes up you'll be supporting this /ord /tphapblgs. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i would like to call for a memory [inaudible] on may 1. he was 47 years
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old. he was born in [inaudible] china in with his daughter happy yang who had come here earlier. i appointed his daughter, happy, to the youth commission in 2011 and many of you have met happy at least once or twice here working on legislation here at city hall. she did a lot of work reaching out to the chinese residents. it was a very troubling time for her and they're going through a lot right now. i can share later
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where do nations can be made to support the family as well. happy was able to transfer her father to cpmc campus and he was able to get really great care. in fact, really enabled him to have a better time with his family as he was passing. please keep happy and her family in your thoughts. i have a resolution that introducing for next weeks for awe adoption without committee. this was legislation similar to last year's legislation that was pasted at the state level but did not make it past the governor's desk. we want to provide great service to
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families and elders to people across california. people who need protection to make sure they can do their work, are provided service and have stability in their job. >> supervisor breed. >> i'm introducing a resolution [inaudible] down the street in hey valley has become a model of invasion and urban development. the city sold it to the redevelopment industry. in the meantime the local
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architecture firm has worked with the hey's valley neighborhood association to transform these to provide
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venues this resolution will extend proxies lease until 2021 and will increase the present the city receives to 7200 per month. that rent payment is calculated on what a parking lot renter would be charged. i have an in me /phor yum/pheme where he was an all city in soccer and attended also
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university of san francisco and met his wife evelyn at city hall. he retired as city deputy of san francisco to become coupty clerk, a position he held for 20 years. he passed away on [inaudible]. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor breed. seeing no other /tphapls on the roster. >> i think supervisor campos. >> i'd like to begin by talking about something that supervisor wiener has already referenced and it's something we've been working on for quite some time. we have heard the last year-and-a-half perhaps a number of comments about whether or not there should be changes to the mission alcohol special use district. the conversation that we began in
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my office, along with supervisor wiener in his office and along with supervisor jane kim when she represented the north mission. the point that we are authoring -- and i want to thank supervisor wiener for his cosponsorship is to make targeted changes to alcohol controls in the mission district in the way that strikes the right balance in looking at the various needs within the neighborhood, including the places like the [inaudible] district on valencia street. as supervisor wiener indicated, this is a way
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of making sure there is some protection and balance with respect to the /prepbls of retail space and businesses in that corridor. it allows to really level [inaudible] that already allowed those that are over 5000 square feet that allowed to sell alcohol. it improves the ability of current business owners to maim repairs and become ada compliant. there are individuals who believe the special you
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district should remain as is. it's strikes the ball balance between those perspectives and the needs of the [inaudible] i want to thank i also want to thank supervisor wiener and his staff for the work that they have done. look forward to the conversation as this goes to committee and again, i want to thank all of the members that have provided comment on this particular issue. the next comment i have is for luigi. his father immigrated to san francisco back in 1900 where he
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began an ornamental company where he told door to door back in the 1900s. i think the best seller was a plaster of paris doll. eventually he came back to san francisco in 1956. this time he brought with him two sons. together the family at that point founded a company fine statuary which is still thriving today. it is with great sadness to report that luigi passed away this year. this great business he started
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with his family. he was known for being an innovator in the statuary industry. his passion for beautifying san francisco gardens and homes is one of the many reasons for his success. may he rest in peace. i have a couple of other additional items. the next item i have is the formal introduction of a piece of legislation that i talked about last that is the result of discussions with the mayor's office and compromise [inaudible] around san francisco international airport. as i noted in the last meeting that we had, this is an ordinance that does a
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number of things. emphasizes the intent of this board of supervisors to name a terminal after harvey milk. it creates a process for ensuring that we have transparent discussion about that proposal and it creates an airports naming advisory committee for the purpose of making recommendations as to which terminal to name after harvey milk or any other facility that could be named after other individuals. i want to thank mayor lee for working with me and my office. i want to thank his staff for finding a way for
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honoring harvey milk, and doing i want in a way that brings the city together. i want to thank the cosponsor s for this proposal. i look forward to a robust and meaningful discussion when this comes to committee and again, the hope is that we will be able to honor him, but create a process for honoring other members of the san francisco community that may be /wor worthy of that honor as well. the last thing is something that has been happening for the last few weeks and it's been interesting and sad to see the way that this issue has been handled and that has to do with
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the san francisco pride board of directors position to essential withdraw its named of bradley marshall for this year's parade. i know there are people that have strong views on that. the problem that i have here is the manner in which the board of directors has handled this issue, so i'd like to highlight the letter that i'm sending to the board of directors to express my concern of the recent actions of that entity with respect to
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the naming of bradley manner for this parade. i believe the decision to rescind this honor that requires community input. that pride is an organization that receives funding from the city, has a responsible to make sure that there is an opportunity for the members of the public to weigh in. as an organization that receives such funding, pride has a responsible to operate with transparency and accountable and allow for timely and appropriate debate. whatever your vies views might be on the issue, what we're tacking about is simply giving members of the community an opportunity
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to weigh in. the failure of this board of directors to provide that opportunity, in my view, is not a good thing for the lbgt community or the san francisco community. i don't believe controversy is a valid reason not to have a process of transparency and community input. re/s*epbltly the board of directors of pride, they said the matter is closed. decision to close the matter without any meaningful /tkeuls discussion from the community
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is not a good thing. i urge pride to hold an open meeting to discuss this and i ask that this meeting be held as soon as possible and prior to the june pride festivities. we believe that it is important to engage in respectful dialogue and i believe that the lbgt community can have and engage in respectful dialogue in matters such as this. >> at this time the public may comment on matters. public
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comment is now allowed on items that have already been [inaudible]. speakers using translation assistance [inaudible] and remove the document [inaudible]. >> why don't we start with the first speaker. >> thank you [inaudible] don't [inaudible] don't accept money from the friend of the library. it is no accident that the private [inaudible] we now know the friends of the library provide two fund to the city library. these funds are
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budgeted at 65 thousand per year and the city librarian expended against them [inaudible] this is the expenditure detail and it shows that he spend it on lunches, trips, hotel rooms and convention cities and of course the undefined business expense and office furnishings. there may be /thrao*els one explan /tphaugs [inaudible] of the city charter and there are state standards for the reporting of gifts to public /aeu /skwrepbl /seus and those standards have been violated. to summarize, the president of the library commission is official misconduct. and do nate a sliver of their income to the library. the city
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librarian is in vie /hraugs of /tkpweft reporting and david shoe had me arrested to prejudice my reporting. all of this is considered acceptable. you should start to see a pattern now. this is what happens when add /aud in public assets. the private fundraisers assume they can defame [inaudible] and the lies cost more than the money. >> thank you, next speaker. >> [inaudible] on the screen from up ton when his salary . i'd like to take this and say
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it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his [inaudible] don't tell. his arrangements with the friends of the san francisco library works like this. he won't ask any questions about the millions of dollars they raise and expend each year in the names of the citizens of san francisco, if they don't tell him anything about what they do with the money. despite the fact that [inaudible] the friends do not provide the information and he does not ask for the information. it has already been referred to this board of supervisors that he [inaudible] to violate not only
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the sunshine ordinance, but the brown act. at the same time he benefitted both directly and indirectly from the friends as mentioned by the previous speaker. [inaudible] 36 thousand dollars for 200 and '09 and 35 thousand for 2009 and '10 and i've requested these documents for the last three years.
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>> i've got three brief topics. thank you to the supervisors for your almost 45 minute discussion on accepting a ing gift to the district attorney worth 46 thousand dollars. i only wish you'd spend half that time on the friend [inaudible] about from me and certainly the previous speakers. support for open government which is to say sunshine and democracy is gravely inadequate at the board of supervisors. yesterday supervisor david campos failed to appear for a hearing on the
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status of his compliance [inaudible] and violated open government law in pursuit of this goal. simply put, supervisor cam /poels violated the law, the sunshine /ord /tphapblgs task force found him in violation of multiple sections. it then ordered [inaudible] again and then yesterday without any notice to the subcommittee, he simply didn't show up. this followed from last month's meeting where a notice was sent from his office that he wasn't able to send anybody. basically funding for the sunshine task force and the functioning of sunshine is inadequate. no city attorney was there
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yesterday. it's final should be -- >> thank you, next speaker. >> [inaudible] i express also my condolences for the life lost on our bay. and i hope that there will be a way to honor bradley. and i congratulate all of the businesses and particularly i want to visit 1:00 am. artificial turf [inaudible] proven to affect fertility san francisco's national sanctuary
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soon to be home to polluting est ing [inaudible] as plastics do and plastics that turn into bits of plastic to be eaten by animals and bird and find their way through the food chain to us and children, polluting the bodies of humans. artificial turf is no proxy for life, but can destroy life. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. i have graphics
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right here. we can -- there's no business like small business, like all business i know. everything about it is appealing, everything that city traffic will allow when you are making that small business money dow. there's no people like small business. they smile when their small business is low budget. but there is one thing that you need to know. you might be stranded with small business no. but there's always a very good chance that your small business will grow, grow. your small
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business will grow. >> next speaker. >> thank you. my name is [inaudible] and i'm a researcher at ucsf and i'm here to [inaudible] on [inaudible] /pwef /rapblg or [inaudible] in california and in u.s.. we used a well /pwhreurbled [inaudible] model that is used to project heart disease out comes and helps us to [inaudible] our findings have been [inaudible] math me /teugs
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and cardiovascular are not our best guesses but based on actual economic studies and public health studies. the price of [inaudible] /tkphapbld decreases. they also provide [inaudible] cost savings. we do not know exactly how much people will reduce but we estimated three levels of reduction and we took into [inaudible] in both us and california could [inaudible] we also

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